Project Testing

This project includes various tests to ensure the correctness of the product.

Test are segmented into two broad categories, Unit Tests and Integration Tests. By default all unit tests are enabled, and most Integration tests are also enabled, although certain classes of integration tests only run inside of the CI environment.

Unit Tests

Each class in this implementation should have high levels of unit test coverage. Execution of these tests is orchestrated by the Maven Surefire Plugin, and can be enabled or disabled via command line-switches as detailed below. By default,

Integration Tests

This project includes a single module housing all integration tests: ilpv4-connector-it. By default, most integration tests execute in the local build environment, whereas all Integration tests execute in the CI environment.

There are various types of Integration test:

  • Performance ITs: Validate the performance characteristics of the product.

  • IlpOverHttp ITs: Validate functionality of two or more nodes peering with each other using ILP-over-Http.

  • Settlement ITs: Validate functionality of the Settlement subsystems using multiple nodes.

Project Build Switches

The following commands can be used to build the project while skipping various test suites.

Run Default IT Suite

mvn verify

Skip Unit Tests

mvn verify -DskipUTs

Skip Integration Tests

mvn verify -DskipITs

Skip All Tests

mvn verify -DskipTests

Run Settlement ITs

mvn verify -Psettlement

Run Performance ITs

mvn verify -Pperformance

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