Feature Summary

A Java ILP Connector forwards packets from source links to destination links; applies exchange-rates; and tracks value-balances between itself and each peer.

Account Tracking

In order to efficiently forward ILPv4 packets between its Peers, a Connector must track these relationships. Read more about how this implementation tracks account relationships in Account Model.

Packet Switching

The primary sub-system in this connector is called a Packet Switch. This component filters incoming packets, ensures that each packet satisfies a variety of preconditions, and then forwards this packed to the appropriate outgoing link. Read more about this component in Packet Switching Fabric.

Exchange Rates

Each link in this ILPv4 Connector tracks an account in a unique asset. In order to switch packets from one link to another, it is sometimes necessary to apply an exchange-rate. Read more about how this is accomplished in Exchange Rates.

Balance Tracking

Each link this this Connector also tracks real-time debt positions between the Connector itself and any peer. Read more about this in Balance Tracking.

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