Connector Development

Want to get involved in our engineering efforts? We welcome any and all submissions, whether it's a typo, bug fix, or new feature.

Getting Started as a Contributor

Project Build Requirements

This project the following software in order to build:

  • Java: This project requires Java JDK8 or above. To install, follow the directions here.

  • Maven: This project uses Maven to manage dependencies and other aspects of the build. To install Maven, follow the instructions at

Checkout & Build

To get started, download the code and then build the project:

$ git clone
$ mvn clean install


The project uses checkstyle to keep code-style consistent. All Checkstyle checks are run by default during the build, but if you would like to run checkstyle checks independently, use the following command:

$ mvn checkstyle:checkstyle

File an Issue

If you find a bug, have an idea, or even a question -- feel free to create an issue in Github and we'll take a look as soon as possible.

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